Nanowrimo 2011: Of Places I Don’t Know – Epilogue


Echo woke up to the sound of the snow falling outside. She rolled over in her bed, reaching out to Aiden, who lay, still sleeping, next to her. She closed her eyes, content in the moment, the sound of the snow falling and the warmth of Aiden, happy with each night she spent with him now that she had know the pain of him not being there.


Echo glanced at her watch, not wanting to move, but knowing she needed to get ready in order to catch their train back to Stony Oaks for the holidays. Aiden was coming with, Fawn had insisted that he did, wanting to meet her daughters boyfriend, and Alder did too, wanting to meet the Apsu with enough power without training to defeat the Xul. Though they were only going for a couple of weeks, Alder was eager to train Aiden, thinking of him as a sort of progeny, with untold power with the right training. Aiden was not so sure, instead claiming fluke, luck and Echo were how the spell had worked, nothing to do with power, but merely Mick’s perception that Aiden had power. Echo didn’t know. She had seen Aiden’s power for herself, and had jokingly told him that it was her training that had made it. Either way, Aiden did not mind, the Xul knew to keep away for now, though he now lived each day, glad that it was not the day they decided to come back for him, but still waiting for the day that ended up being it.


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