Nanowrimo 2011: Of Places I Don’t Know – Prologue

They had never belonged, but they had always been. The impossible humans; the humans who were not. In legends, they had always found their way, but what place to legends have in our world? Where these creatures, these humans of legend, fit in our time, a time without shamans and mystics, a time wherein they don’t belong more so than ever before. They can exist among us, they can live separated, in communities, and they do, or they can integrate, ignoring their heritage for the sake of ease. 

The children ran around, playing a game of tag in the yard. The ground was dry, and pebbles and dust flew around as they ran. A middle aged man oversaw the children’s games from a chair positioned outside a small building. There were maybe 7 of them, and all appeared around and under the age of 12. The one who looked the eldest of them, with deep red hair, dressed in a khaki pinafore dress, was tagged. She ran, chasing the others, laughing as she did so. The other children were going in circles, weaving in and out of her chasing. She reached out a hand to tag a young boy running past her.

The children screamed, and backed away, for as she reached her hand out, this young girl experienced what she had always been promised. A way of being that was her birthright, her heritage. As she reached her arm out, she had landed, without having jumped, on all fours, all four of her legs. Her ears pricked up and she could hear sounds she had never heard before. She twitched her nose, feeling the vibrations over the sides of her cheeks. She tried to walk, learning how to use her new limbs, trying to use her new found tail to balance as she went. Now, she could become the Apsu she was destined to become, her day had come, the day of the birth of her other form, the cat from her back, who she had dreamt of becoming her whole life.


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